Hello again! I'm Sachin

I love climbing trees bringing new ideas to life

I’m a creative freelance web designer and front-end developer currently living in Kochi, India.


Websites, Landing Pages, Active Campaign, Hubpsot, Zapier, Typeform…

Since 2006, I have worked on a number of projects for clients from India, the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Dubai, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. After a 5-year stint (2015 — 2021) with a digital marketing company, I’m back to freelancing.


Help you look great on the web by crafting fresh, well-planned, eye-catching websites that impress, impact, and prompt users to take action.

Websites should not only look great but stay secure, load fast, be easily editable, and scalable. I believe by paying attention on how it’s being built from the start will position you to get the maximum benefit from your investment in the long run.

Modern Creative

Be Creative

Don't follow the herd.
Think different.
Experiment with ideas.
Create for joy.

Be Objective

Challenge perceptions.
Analyze logically.
Think critically.
Explore, learn, grow.


Be Genuine

Be transparent and upfront. Don’t overpromise. No half-baked solutions. The value one brings to the clients must be fair and honest. Take only those projects that can be executed with  current expertise. 


“You help the salesman in me sell the Taj Mahal to anyone.”

Go from research to execution

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. It’s time to get your dream project off the ground.

Sparkup.art builds creative, modern, secure, fast, and easily editable websites backed by strong backend essentials.