12 sparks to an impacting ministry and church website

Tips to build an effective website that makes people keep coming for more, explore your encouraging messages and connect with your ministry or church

Add value

Remember, it's less about you and more about ministering to people. Focus on how to add value to your site visitors.


Pray For Your Website

Why not pray for your website regularly? God used a donkey, handkerchief, mud. He can surely use your website too.


Post Short Blogs

God can quicken you with a short word which could be an effective timely encouragement for some people.


Fresh Content

Upload regular fresh content to your website or your social media to encourage, equip, and empower people.


Short Videos

Upload short video clips encouraging people with a word. Let it be natural. You can use GoPro or your mobile camera.


Easy-To-Read Blog

Have a neat clutter-free blog layout that's easy on the eyes, consumable and attractive to site visitors.


Real Life Stories

Share testimonies of people who have experienced breakthroughs or miracles either as a blog post or as a video.


Don't Just Say Donate

Mentioning a specific goal for funds may prompt site visitors to give. It creates a sense of partnership and purpose.


Don't Obsess over Stats

Don't go by the number of site visitors, subscribers or comments. Give away what you have, God will use it in His time.


Outsource Management

If you like creating content but not the technical side of things, get a web developer to manage your site.


Don't Go Cheap

Act in faith and invest in a good website design because you believe in it's worth and outcome. Prioritize a good budget.


Be a Good Steward

Don't neglect your website. It can be an anointed tool to sow seeds that yield lasting fruit in the lives of site visitors.


We use a lot of creativity and new technology in our church, but really what it comes down to is God changing a life.


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