21 sparks to make your website stand out

A quick teaser of all the ingredients, recommendations, and those little details that I will do to make your website effective, look great, and function at its best

100% Mobile Friendly

I will make your website as functional, easy-to-read, and pleasing on mobiles as it is on desktops.


Clear Calls-To-Action

I will strategically place CTAs on the pages with short meaningful one or two liners to prompt visitors to take action.


Easy-To-Read Blog

I will create a neat clutter-free blog layout that's easy on the eyes, consumable and attractive to site visitors.


Correct Social Image

Ever share a link on social media and get surprised by the random image that appears in the preview? I'll fix it.


'Not Secure' Warning

Do you know that your website runs the risk of being labeled as ‘Not Secure’ if it does not have an SSL certificate?


Future Design Flexibility

I use Elementor Pro which is theme independent. This gives flexibility for altering design in the future easily.


Never Miss An Update

I will make sure auto-updates are turned on for the WordPress CMS and plugins for latest security and functional updates.


Usage Licenses

I will have proper usage licenses in place for stock images, illustrations, videos, and premium plugins used on the site.


Legally Compliant

A cookie warning is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. I will have Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance in place.



Adding a favicon to your site will make your business look more professional, established and reliable.


Optimized For Speed

I will activate and test all optimization options to help your web pages use less server resources and load more quickly.


Minimum Plugins

I will use only those plugins that are absolutely required to keep your website lean and efficient.


Google Analytics

I will make sure that analytics are setup from day one to track daily unique hits, monthly page views and visitor stats.


My Full Attention

Yup! I space out my project timelines to give my fullest creative energies and focus to one project at a time.


Thorough Testing

Browser checks, mobile responsiveness, functionality checks, double-check URLs and more before going live.


Post Launch Support

Sit back and relax with an update and support contract. Just email the changes or updates and I will do the rest.


I strive for two things in design:

simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.

Lindo Leader

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